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Esta sección contiene enlaces útiles de ONG de refugiados y de derechos humanos, organizaciones jesuitas y católicas, agencias de la ONU y otros recursos.

International Intergovernmental Organisations
Jesuit Network
The Society of Jesus — Worldwide serves as a portal connecting Jesuits and friends around the world
The Social Justice Secretariat of the Society of Jesus
  To build a fuller expression of justice and love into the structures of human life in common is the purpose of the Social Apostolate of the Society of Jesus, among the many other works that Jesuits do.
Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC)
  Based in four core values—social justice, simple living, community, and spirituality—the Jesuit Volunteer Corps offers women and men an opportunity to work full-time for justice and peace. Jesuit Volunteers are called to the mission of serving the poor directly. They work for and with people who are homeless, unemployed, refugees, people with AIDS, the elderly, street youth, abused women and children, the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled. More than 250 grassroots organizations across the world count on Jesuit Volunteers to provide essential services.
Jesuit Commons
  Jesuit Commons is a "virtual meeting place" where a millions-strong, global network of individuals, schools and institutions collaborate to benefit poor communities.
Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins (JC:HEM)
  Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins (JC:HEM) is an initiative of the Society of Jesus that brings Jesuit higher education to those at the margins of our society.
Non Governmental Organisations
Asylum Aid
Misean Cara
VMM International
  Volunteer Missionary Movement International
Other Useful Resources
Exile Images is one of the leading independent picture libraries and brings together a diverse group of photographers in depicting not only the contradictions of contemporary life in the UK but also those of an increasingly globalized world.
Missionary Service News Agency (MISNA)
  Misna provides daily news ‘from, about and for’ the 'world’s Souths', not just in the geographical sense. Journalistically, the news agency – which is often described as ‘alternative’ or as providing ‘counter-information’ – has the primary aim of integrating and sometimes also ‘correcting’ the ‘genetically modified information’ put into circulation by large global news systems that have a different perception of the world.